Should The Jets Fire Rex Ryan?

“Right now as the Jets continue their slide down into the basement of the AFC East (and FRANKLY the NFL) and into the joke book of every pundit with ASSpirations of making the Jets the BUTT of their jokes, it seems JetNation and anyone else with an opinion on the Jets are either at odds or confused as to who is to blame and who if anyone needs to be fired after the season.    I think the majority of JetNation undoubtedly believes that Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum can no longer escape blame for the failures of this team and has to be relieved of his General Manager duties as soon as possible.  I for one certainly agree with that opinion and you probably won’t find too many people rushing to defend Tannenbaum as his FAILURES are evident and glaring at this point.   The difference in opinions regarding the blame within JetNation primarily exist when discussing what faults, if any, does HC Rex Ryan play in the Jets FAILURES and if he deserves to be fired.  Let’s quickly examine both sides of the argument here and determine which viewpoint, if any, holds more weight/validity than the other to determine if the Jets are better off simply parting pays with Rex Ryan or giving him another off season to try to fix what is wrong with the Jets………….”

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