Jets Can Prove A Lot These Last 3 Games……Seriously

To say that this has been a disappointing season for the Jets and their fans would be understating an understatement’s understatement, yeah literally one of those things that forces a mega-sarcastic “REALLY?” look on your face.  Outside of the consistent play of the defense, which hasn’t been great in itself but still playing at a consistently solid level, the Jets haven’t done much right this season and that’s putting it nicely.  For the most part, the Jets have beaten the teams they were suppose to beat and lost to the teams they were expected to lose to, which is just a long drawn out way of saying that the Jets are who we thought they were going into the season.  No matter what or who you blame (we all know which side of the fence I land on when discussing “who’s to blame”) for the Jets unfortunate god awful play this season, the fact of the matter is, they have failed and have given Jets fans a reason to either show up to games with paper bags over their heads or simply NOT show up at all………

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